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        During the research-development project CEEX no. 249/2006 entitled „Advanced Research for New Superhard Thin Films for Wear Resistant Tools” – ANTIWEAR, the following novel results were obtained:        

       Synthesis of new materials for targets, a national novelty, of Ti-Si (with high Si content, over 12%) and composite based Ti-Si (with Al, Cr,B,Y content as alloying  elements: TiAlSi, TiAlSiCr, TiAlSiB, TiAlSIY). Resulted materials, with chemical compositions as element of novelty, have proved superior properties in terms of physical-mechanical characteristics in comparison with common used alloy based titanium (Ti6Al4V, Ti5Al2.5Fe).

        Preparation of targets, using novel unconventional technologies of powder metallurgy, has been made through the following methods:

-     TiSi and TiAlSi targets: mechanical alloying of powders and sintering

-     TiAlSiCr, TiAlSiB and TiAlSiY targets: injection in mould, delloying and sintering of the plastified compounds from composite powders.

        Injection moulding, that is part of the “near-net-shapes technologies”, allows the achievement of several products with complex geometry using special raw materials which are in plastic state under the specific conditions of form operation. During delloying and sintering, a uniform distribution of density into formed sample and a low stress level, due to reduced pressures of forming, were obtained. Also, samples with complex geometry that is close to the final one are possible to be manufactured. In order to obtain high quality finished goods, metal powders with fine grains were used.  

      Deposition of new nanocomposite superhard thin films in single layered structure as nc-TiSiN, nc-TiAlSiN and nc-TiAlSiXN, (X= Cr,B,Y) and multilayered structure as nc-SH/Me (Me=Ti,Cu,Ni) has been taken into account in order to improve the wear resistance and to increase the cutting performance of tools subjected to severe working conditions. Nanocomposite superhard coatings were obtained using a PVD method based on cathodic arc evaporation, that represents an element of novelty, because until now these films were deposited only by high-temperature CVD (TiSiN and TiAlSiN) or reactive sputtering (TiSiCrN and TiSiBN). Quinternary nanocomposite films of the type TiAlSiXN (X= Cr,B,Y)  and also  the alternate nc-SH/Me films (nc-SH being nc-TiSiN or nc-TiAlSiN and Me =Ti,Ni or Cu) are a novel film architecture which was not proposed and analyzed so far.

      The complex characterization of the coatings includes advanced and modern investigation methods such as XPD, GDOES, AES and XRD techniques, SEM electronic microscopy and profilometry. From the evaluation of microchemical, microstructural, mechanical and tribological characteristics of different nanocomposite types investigated during the project, the TiAlSiCrN quinternary compound was selected to be deposited on two cutting tools types (shank end mills and drills). For the testing procedure, the maximum axial force and moment of torsion on drilling for mills and drills, respectively, were chosen as significant parameters.    

        Elements for economic development

As a result of the research carried out in this project, the following technologies for increase the performance of cutting tools coated by superhard thin films can be appreciated to have a high potential for technological transfer:

  • technology for the synthesis of nc-TiSiN, nc-TiAlSiN and nc-TiAlSiXN (X=Cr,B,Y) superhard nanocomposite coatings in single layered structure,
  • technology for the synthesis of nc-SH/Me (Me=Ti, Cu, Ni) superhard nanocomposite coatings in multilayered structure.  


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